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Airbnb have requested tax information regarding 2 apartments we rent out through them in Brittany. Their online form only gives 2 options - host part time on my own or host full time professional. Neither of these options appear to apply to us. We are non resident in France but we do let our property through Airbnb. We have a non professional business registration as a micro entrepreneur in France. We have a Siret number and pay tax in France and also declare our income on our UK tax return. . Which of the Airbnb categories do we fall into? We would be grateful for your advice.

a répondu :

The income you received when you rent an accommodation on airbnb is non-professional furnished rental (called LMNP for Loueur Meublé Non Professionnel). This type of rental belongs to the category of industrial and commercial profits (in french, BIC for Bénéfices Non Commerciaux).

You have the choice between two plans:

  • The “micro-BIC” rules
  • The “réel” rule


  • You can benefit from the micro-BIC scheme, if you do not exceed € 70,000 in gross income.
  • In this scheme, you have to report the gross income that you received (net income + expenses).
  • Gross income is equal to net income, plus cleaning costs and platform costs of 3%.
  • You will then benefit from a 50% reduction on the amounts declared
  • You must complete form 2042 C PRO in the 5ND box.


  • In case you opt for the real plan:
  • Compulsory scheme, if you exceed € 70,000 in gross income
  • You must deduct your own expenses
  • You must complete and send form 2031-SD and send it to the corporate tax service
  • You must report your income in the 2042 C PRO declaration in the 5NA box.

To benefit from LMNP status, two cumulative conditions must be satisfied:

  • Annual rental income from the entire household must be less than € 23,000
  • The annual rental income must not exceed the total professional income of the tax household.

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